Stieviewer – Watch stievie on every device – Initial release

Watch Stievie on every device

TL;DR; Watch TV using your existing Stievie subscription – head over to

A few years ago, a new service was announced in Belgium. Stievie would allow people to watch both live tv, and replay programmes which already aired. However, as soon as it was released, there was one thing missing: web support.

Why it’s missing

Why web support was missing? Noone knows. It’s extremely easy to implement, at least for them, and since it’s easy, it’s also cheap. The viewer is nothing but a static page, and the streams are already delivered.

Yet they decided to ignore what’s probably their best target device: laptops with big screens, on which a lot of people are already watching Netflix.

So let’s do it ourselves! Or not?

When big companies make weird decisions (99% of the time, based on money), students are developers are eager to fill in the gap. The first stieviewer was born. It was a node.js app, which allowed people to watch Stievie in their browser. However, technical skills were required for the setup.

While it seems like a good addition to the original Stievie platform, the official Stievie developers didn’t share the same vision. They decided to be huge assholes and to take it down.

The new solution

I was able to obtain a version of the code from some archives. Stef isn’t an asshole like the Stievie developers, and eagerly allowed me to use the code. After some restructuring, it’s now back. And it’s better than ever. is an easy to use website, allowing you to watch TV straight from your browser – no setup required. It’s mostly a demo, and people are encouraged to setup their own instances. Since it still requires a proxy server (and I don’t have a high-capacity server available at this moment), all streams are limited to standard definition. People who clone the project and host their own instances can enjoy streams in HD.

You can finally stop peeking at your tiny smartphone display, and enjoy Stievie on a big screen. Hopefully a partner can be found to provide a proxy server. Or the stievie developers could stop being assholes, and they could open up their API.

I should end this post here – I’m going to watch some TV. From my computer.


All code can be found on github:
Project homepage:
Project demo:

Stievie (official site):
Stef’s blog (inspiration for this project):